UNLIMITED Membership Disclaimers

**Cleanland Car Wash reserves the right to alter, modify or change the car wash packages and/or pricing at any time. Cleanland Car Wash also reserves the right to terminate any UNLIMITED Membership for reasons that include but are not limited to the abuse of membership privileges, inability of business to meet the needs of the customer, or the lack of cooperation on behalf of the customer regarding car wash operations, policies, and procedures.

  • Memberships are valid at Cleanland Car Wash location only.
  • Cleanland Car Wash reserves the right to close the car wash at our discretion for reasons not limited to the following: weather, equipment, utilities, and/or other reason(s) which would affect the quality or safety of personnel, equipment or personal property.
  • Cleanland Car Wash will make every reasonable effort to resume normal operations as quickly as possible so we can continue to service all of our customers.
  • If you are an UNLIMITED Member, we do apologize for these inconveniences. Cleanland Car Wash does not close a facility unless one of the circumstances outlined above have been met. UNLIMITED Members will be able to continue service, when at the discretion of Cleanland Car Wash, it has been determined that operating conditions have been met.
  • There will be no monetary compensation for UNLIMITED Members, and/or refunds for time lost, when a situation(s) causing Cleanland Car Wash to close the car wash occur(s). Cleanland Car Wash makes every reasonable effort to remain open as often as our posted hours indicate. Reason(s) beyond our control may cause this to not be possible (weather, loss of electricity, equipment failure, etc.).

RFID Sticker Placement / Replacement

Cleanland Car Wash will determine the placement of the RFID sticker based on manufacturer recommendations. This sticker should never be tampered with and is NOT TRANSFERABLE to any other vehicles other than the ORIGINAL vehicle indicated on this form. Cleanland Car Wash will cover the costs for replacing any sticker that is not functioning properly under normal circumstances. If it has been determined by Cleanland Car Wash that a RFID sticker has been tampered with which has caused the sticker to not operate properly, termination in the Unlimited Membership program may result, and/or the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of the new RFID sticker. Replacement costs for a new RFID sticker is $7.00.

The following is a list of other instances for which Cleanland Car Wash will not be responsible for replacing the RFID sticker:

  • new vehicle
  • new windshield
  • lost or stolen RFID sticker
  • tampering
  • removing
  • damaged